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CSPS was founded by Patrick Amsellem , it is specialized in countless activities as training, preparation and stimulating projects in the fields of security, combat, sport and fitness under an operational and challenging framework.
C.S.P.S has an innovative vision that aims to consolidate many diverse topics adapted according to client’s personal aspiration. C.S.P.S. promotes "professionalism, reliability, service and aspiration for excellence."
The services are provided to the security forces, government ministries, institutions and organizations, municipalities and local councils, facilities and private groups.

About Patrick Amsellem:

Patrick Amsellem has a 31 years experience as a  fither at the  "yamam" the special forces of the anti terrorism of Israel police & at the undercover soldier unit & as a operational officer in Jerusalem Police Forces. Patrick Amsellem became an officer instructor at the regular police in the combat fitness field  and at the IDF he also function at the same position  .
In light of his extensive knowledge and experience, Patrick Amsellem created C.S.P.S in order to make accessible the fields of warfare and security, combined with sports and challenges activities by offering a personal, varied and special solution, with an added value consisting in the incorporation of knowledge and skills  for a pleasant operational and professional experience  with a social cohesion frame work. Patrick is speaking currently Hebrew ,French & English.

Consulting and Project Management Services


  • Security - building a security plan, routine and emergency conduct, supervision and control.

  • Security - Human, technological and data security, reliability, classification levels and permissions.

  • Combat - shooting and counter terrorisme, rules of conduct in the operational field, cold/hot weapons, self-defense, Reality simulated scenarios, briefings, body language, suspicious signs, physical and mental alertness and operational readiness.

  • Sports and fitness - group training, extreme sports, water sports, ball games, fitness and activity center, Health projects and healthy lifestyles, improvement and training days.

  • Youth recreation & formation Camps ,Training camps - experiential camps (annual trips, preparation for the IDF, young from Israel and abroad), Entertainment Camps, Various sports camps, acquaintance camps and love of Israël (holy places, historical, ethnic and spiritual monuments).



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